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Marriage of a Cad-Cam and setter

Hello All

This morning a marriage was made between I and my female Cad-Cam
designer. What is this?..I am married for the past 35 years, but this
marriage is an understanding of two very seperate
disciplines…setting and designing. Communication at its fullest.
What I created is something not of the regular jewellery
ring/pendant but it is something of very great value. For those who
will be meeting me in July at one of our setting classes will see
this creation that came out of my ‘minds-eye and soul’. A part of “my
spirit or soul” is in this very new creation and other items being
now designed.

I just telephoned my cad-designer and told her how important it is
to have a very close understanding between the setter and Cad-artist.
Yes, it is an art, putting it mildly. As Dali was a painter and
perfectionist, then even writing essays on setting is an art.

We must not forget that we all here are also artist’s in our own
realm of existence. To have two people understand each others
"language" is paramount. The first “prototype” last week was less
than desirable, but she eventually saw where my item had to be
improved and corrected. When I saw the finished item today, I was
totally speechless. There was nothing to improve upon, I would have
paid her more than her asking price, but further orders are now her

In closing my dear Orchid friends, communicate with your artistic
associates. Share that language, and then your two minds will ‘speak
without words’. Sorry for my excitement on this new line I am

Gerry Lewy…:>)