Marking silver parts

Hello List;

I need some concerning marking some sterling silver
pieces that tested silver but aren’t marked. What problems could I
get into if I mark the items .925? How can I prove that the pieces
are .925?

The pieces are part of a lazy susan, that seems to be quite old and
could be early American or Engish. Parts of the lazy susan are
missing and the original marks were probably on the missing parts.
The pieces are quite beautiful and seem to be unique. There are
pictures of fishing and poles with creel and hunting with flintlock
rifle and various rabbit and fowl pictures on the pieces.

Anyone wishing to see pictures, email me offline and I will send


I would not stamp the parts unless you can have the pieces x-rayed at
a refinery to determine the metal content. I know that you can test
for sterling; however, I don’t think these tests are accurate enough
to justify stamping the metal with a quality stamp.

In addition, you may affect the collectability of the piece by
marking it, when in fact, it may have been made before quality
stamping was mandated…Teddy

If you apply a modern mark to these pieces they will loose their

Tony Konrath

Thank you to all who replied.

I won’t think about stamping something I am not creating. Come to
find out the pieces are rare and are heavy silver plate. Created by
Roswell Gleason and Sons and patented 1857. Too bad that all the
pieces aren’t together.