Marketplace in NYC

Where is the marketplace in NYC and what do they sell? What gallery
are you referring to?

Can anyone tell me exactly what vermeilles is (spelling?) Is it a
base metal? Also, a cabochon? What are the various definitions of a
cabechon? I know it has something to do with faceted stones but is
the other side of the stone set in metal? -Melissa

Vermeil means gilded metal. Usually in U.S. today, it refers to
gold-plated silver. Cabochon is a description of a type of cut: an
unfaceted, domed cut. You might buy a copy of the Dictionary of Gems
and Gemology by Robert M.Shipley, published by G.I.A. David Barzilay,
Lord of the Rings

Vermeil is sterling silver piece plated with gold. It must be marked
with a sterling stamp. A cabechon stone has a smooth, unfaceted,
polished top. the bottom is either flat or slightly domed.