Marketing and art?

Here we go back in time again to those ancient days when I was in
school and studying marketing (a new discipline just in its
infancy). One of the examples they used was a young artist named
Salvador Dali. His first show in New York and in he breezes in a
great cape with a red silk lining and a great hat and proceeds to
enter the show with a great swirl of his cape and elaborate
doffing of his hat. BOOM! Almost immediately about half of the
show gets those lovely red stickers marked sold pasted over the
price tags. The rush continues and the show is a great success
and Salvador is a made man. It seems that reality is below the
surface of this little scene we have just witnessed. Those first
sold stickers were not real, they were bait, placed there by the
gallery owners to make it appear that the work was selling fast.
It worked. Now this story may or may not be true but the point is
that reality is not always what it seems and people believe what
they want to believe. Marketing is showman ship as well a all the
other things that you are told about. You are your own best
salesman as an artist. It is you that you are selling. Your
history , ideas , designs, personality, social skills. If you
wish to build a private clientele and a gallery clientele both
must be cultivated. Now that you have waded through my story,
and I do hope you learned something, here is a little tip on
marketing your self and your jewelry. A few years ago I started
doing donations to local charities for their fund raisers. Silent
auctions and live auctions as well. I started by designing and
fabricating a piece for a stone dealer. He paid for the materials
and I furnished the labor. I was able to produce a very
expensive piece at no out of pocket cost. I also made a mold of
the piece and kept the right to duplicate it if I wished. I
received credit for the manufacture and the design of the piece
as well as invitations to the fundraiser. I met a lot of people
there one of whom was a gallery owner who purchased my piece.
Just dumb luck, but I was in the right place at the right time.
Since that day I have made an effort to find and donate to
worthy causes, not just to gain myself but to help out the causes
as well. Occasionally I am lucky and meet someone or someone
comes to me because of this exposure which is a great
plus.Sometimes I only get the satisfaction of the donation and
the appreciation of the charity. The main thing that I have
gained from these donations is learning to socialize and be
comfortable in a room full of strangers, and of course the great
feeling I get when one of my pieces auctions off for a large sum
of money that goes to the charity. I also know a great deal more
people than I did before, and a great deal more people know of me
and what I do. You help the community and yourself at the same
time. Not a bad deal. Hope this helps some of you strugglers to
find the way.