Marketing advice - Gem rough from Brasil

Howdy fellows!

I will soon be selling Rough Amethyst in their natural form, this
are Semiprecious Gemstones which I get them direct from the Mines in
Brasil, They are beautiful Sparkling strong Gemstones as the color
of wine, Their natural form are as Catedrals, in different sizes and
can weight from ten pounds to eight hundred pounds, I need your help,
and the help of Ganoksin/Orchid members to guide me to sell the
Gemstones to the bets and appropriate buyers and manufacturers.
Looking forward to hear from you,

Lalit Jhaveri

Dear Lalit, Before you make any major investment in your Brazilian
venture let me tell you that you may not be aware of the existing
widespread availabilty of the Brazilian amethyst geodes here in the
’States. As a matter of fact, unless you are a huge buyer, it is
very likely that you can buy these geodes more cheaply here than in
Brazil. I know of four big purveyors of Brazilian geodes here
in America who regularly buy these geodes in multiple tons. Two of
these suppliers regularly ply their wares at the Tucson and
Quartzite shows and sell them in a range of $1.50 to $7.00 per
pound. Most of them sell at about $3.00 lb. Furthermore, over the
past several decades these prices have remained relatively constant
meaning that they have become progressively cheaper with time if you
adjust for inflation. The moral of the story is that the market is
oversupplied. Unfortunately you are also confusing gem rough with
specimen rough. The geodes that have suitable lapidary grade
amethyst are never sold as specimens…they are broken up and sold
to the cutters in Brazil who will pay as much as $2,000. kg.,
although material of this grade is rarely found in the geodes. The
better quality amethyst is more apt to occur in Uruguayan material.
I regularly stock top quality amethyst geodes in my shop and they
are very appealing albeit slow moving items. After all…how many
people can afford hundreds of dollars for a purely decorative item ?
I will be selling some of my geodes at the Valley Springs Show near
Stockton, CA. May 3 through May 5. We will also have a nice
selection of designer cabs, faceted gems and other rockhound related
items. This is a real fun show situated in the hills of the gold
country and is outdoors on a working cattle ranch. There will be
hundreds of dealers along with field trips for collecting. Be sure
to bring a camera. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.