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Market research for jewelry/men's jewelry

I know something about men and jewelry, since I keep both around and
love to play with them both.

Men usually don’t like to buy jewelry, because you can’t shop for it
like men shop. However, men will wear jewelry if an appropriate
woman buys it for them. Ever heard of wedding rings? A man will go
jewelry shopping all over the world with a woman if he thinks it
makes her happy. He may not always pay attention, but a man will do
anything if he thinks it’s frpl*y. Men own fewer clothes than
women, but they are usually each piece more expensive. They own
fewer pieces of jewelry, but they are each more expensive. Often,
they are more functional, like cufflinks or studs. Men like
presentation boxes and sentiment, like engraving and birth stones. If
you layout men’s jewelry like a men’s clothing store, easy to shop,
easy job-aids, simple choices, aimed at women, selling to men should
be a no-brainer.