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Market for titanium jewellery

Hi all,

We are manufacturers of Titanium Jewellery, mostly rings and would
now like to try and market our products in US. The local in South
Africa is not very educated with respect to Titanium Jewellery and
also coloured stones.

We have sold a number of items on US auction sites, but would now
like to expand a bit further. We have recently constructed our
website and would like to promote this as well.

Does anybody have any suggestions which may help.

Thank you

Shaun Pearton

I take it you are selling body jewelry. You will find the major
players advertizing in the tattoo magazines. You will be competing
head to head with a number of U.S. and foreign makers already in the
market. So you enter the market by advertizing, maybe going to one
of the major tattoo shows and of course, providing a service, style,
quality or price that can’t be matched. Bill