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Mark Grimwade's book on metallurgy is superb!

Hi All,

I just received Mark Grimwade’s fantastic update of his
groundbreaking earlier book on metallurgy. published by Brynmorgen
Press, edited by Tim McCreight. It is a major addition to the
literature of our field and the clearest view of precious metals
metallurgy yet. Nice foreword by Eddie Bell as well.

It has great sections on troubleshooting rolling and drawing
problems. Tumbling, finishing, plating, joining, powder mettalurgy,
surface decoration and much more are addressed as well.

A triple AAA for this book.

It is going to be the ‘Jewelers bible’ in English for precious
metals metallurgy, all distilled and assembled in one place with
extensive citations and references for those who need more
This book is readable, understandable and clear.

Congratulations to Mark and Tim! A wonderful, lovely job.

This is one excellent book.


Ganoksin got the permission to publish experts from the book for
online readings…stay tuned…Thanks Tim!

I will go so far as to say that this is a must have book. I have
treasured the original version of Mark’s book since I first saw a
copy in Alan Revere’s library more than a decade ago. I immediately
began the search for my own copy as it was already out of print. I
am absolutely delighted that it has been revised and reprinted.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Mark present several of the
topics covered in the book at the Santa Fe Symposium, he has the
rare ability to present this type in a readily
understandable fashion. You do not need a scientific or engineering
background to understand and greatly benefit from the information
he presents in this book. It is written specifically for the studio
jeweler and goldsmith. It will provide you with the you
need to understand the basics of the metallurgy and material
properties of precious metals. This new version is about 30 %
greater in length than the original and has been throughly updated
and expanded throughout.

It is often difficult to improve on an good original concept but I
feel that Mark along with the help of Tim and his production team
have produced a great book that is an improvement on the excellent
original in all aspects.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Charles, I am only half way through it but wow! It’s back to school.
It is surely not for the light of heart, but if you ever wanted to
know how metals really work this book needs to be on your shelf.


Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon

Greetings all:

My copy of Mark Grimwade’s rewrite of “Introduction to Precious Metals” turned up in the post yesterday afternoon. 24 hours later,
and I’m about half-way through it. All I can say is “Oh wow…”. I
own, and have read and re-read the original 1985 edition, and it’s a
very valuable book. For twenty years, it was the only book out there
that gave any serious about how the precious metals work.
This new version blows it away: much more practical info. Imagine the
metallurgy sections of Brepohl, vastly expanded. …now imagine
that they weren’t originally written in technical German. Very clear
and understandable on the how’s and why’s of gold, silver
& platinum group metallurgy. Presented in a way that’s intended to
make sense to working metalsmiths. Normally, I read on the couch,
with the TV going. This book? At a table, with a highlighter, and a
pad of post-it notes, in absolute silence. It’s worth paying
attention to.

Highest possible recommendation.
Brian Meek.

The scientist and jewellery maker in me has me lusting after this
book! I’ve requested an email notification from Amazon as soon as it
becomes available as I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the
recommendations, to all those who are already enjoying it.


Unfortunately in the UK, when I checked on Amazon, it appears the
book is due for publishing 19th Jan 2010. It can be pre-ordered for
35UKP. I am a little loathe to do this, since I am still waiting for
my copy of “The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection
which was pre-ordered in November last year. Every month, the
estimated delivery date gets pushed back another month (and is
currently set to first week in June)…

Paul Jelley

Unfortunately in the UK, when I checked on Amazon, it appears the
book is due for publishing 19th Jan 2010. 

Tim McCreight’s publishing company,, has it in
stock for $35 US. I received my copy within days of ordering it.

Emie Stewart