Margie Mersky's Deep Detail wax

Hi All;

I just got some of Margie Mersky’s Deep Detail wax and told her I’d
post my opinions of it here on the forum. I’m getting no
remuneration for this, just wanted to share this resource.

Margie’s wax is a carving wax, hard, similar to Ferris’s green
carving wax. It has some peculiar differences that make in
interesting to work with. First, it’s a lighter color and more
opaque than other carving waxes. I find this makes it much easier to
see what you’re carving. I’ve used it to build up prongs and it
keeps it’s color and opacity. Some waxes won’t do this, they become
more transparent with re-melting.

It’s got a really smooth consistency, less chattery than the carving
waxes I usually use, and I was impressed with the way it scrapes to
a smooth surface with a sharp tool. It’s a little more elastic on
the surface, but still carves much like typical carving waxes. I
think this helps maintain the detail better.

I’m finding this wax is good for precise carving, not so much for
it’s carving characteristics but more for the improved visibility. I
haven’t tried it with organic designs yet, but my opinion is that it
will be very well suited for these because of the smooth

All in all, it’s a nice product at a competitive price and worth a
try. Go to to order.

David L. Huffman