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Marcasite Cabs?

I had a customer ask about having a bracelet made of this
material. Does it come in CABS??? Do you know where I could
get these cabs?

Thanks in advance!!!

You might try, Matthew Ribarich He stocks
lots of marcasite, don’t know if he has cabs though.


Actually, virtually all of the “marcasite” used in mass marketed
jewelry today is in fact pyrite. True marcasite, which is
chemically identical to pyrite, has a cubic crystal form and is
relatively rare. Pyrite, on the other hand, is very common, and
should be carried by any large cab dealer. JD Findings maybe?

Good Luck,
Shari VanderWerf

Haven’t seen marcasite cabs per se, but I have seen marcasite
in quartz, and it can cut some respectable cabs depending on the
quality of the rough. The marcasite, which looks al ot like
pyrite, appears as inclusions or plumes in massive quartz. I
don’t know of a commercial source for finished cabs. I have seen
the rough for sale at the Quartzite show. HTH.