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Marc Robinson


Where is Marc Robinson?

I called PM West with a platinum casting question today and ask to
speak to Marc Robinson . They said that he no longer works there! I
said that I thought that he was the heart and soul of the company
(actually I thought he owned the company). They said that he had
lost interest and left, they didn’t know where he was now. I find
that hard to believe. I can’t imagine that the guru of platinum
casting would not surface somewhere else. Where?

Mark P.


Marc Robinson Moved to North Idaho ( Coeur D’ Alene I think) I talked
to hin Just before he moves . He is consulting , teaching,
fishing & resting Don in Idaho Falls


I seem to remember reading an article in AJM? this past year about
Marc moving on to other things. Anyone else know when that was? As far
as platinum casting questions you might try contacting Ed Friedman
at the Revere Academy he’s very knowledgeable, and helpful. I took a
platinum casting course from him a couple of years back and I know
on at least one occasion Marc contacted Ed to help solve some
casting questions I had gone to Marc with. Also, I’m curious, was PM
West unwilling to provide contact for Marc , did you
ask? Michelle

I thought that he was the heart and soul of the company (actually
I thought he owned the company). 

Mark, PM West is still the source of good about Platinum
casting. Daniel is quite knowledgeable and his R&D guy is excellent.
His R&D guy is constantly testing something and seems quite shy,
especially compared to Marc R. so he doesn’t talk on the phone much.
Many of the Q&A things go through Daniel. It’s funny, many people
thought Marc owned the company. I believe that Marc is working for a
company named ABI. They are a refiner/Alloy company and I believe
that he spends a good deal of time in Bali now but I don’t know how
to get in touch with him. Don’t lose a good source of
give Daniel a call.

Best Regards,
J. Tyler Teague
JETT Research


Marc Robinson is still around and he did sell his ownership of the
company. He lurks on Orchid here and may respond to you directly. If
you need I can get you in touch with him.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair


I just talked to Marc at the LA Showcase. He is working for American
Bullion Inc, (ABI-Gary Ford) developing the ABI Sterlite product to a
higher level. Looks like He’ll be based in SoCal for some time to
come. He can be reached through ABI. ABI is in Carson, Ca.

Daniel Ballard