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Manufacturing Overseas

I need to contact some overseas (I am in the U.S.) and need to
contact overseas manufacturer who could produce a line of diamond set
jewelry. Work MUST be top quality. How do I go about contacting some
of these companies? Does anyone here currently do any manufacturing
overseas? Can anyone here give me some leads and places or trade
groups to contact?

Thank you


Having traveled to HK on a couple of occasions, in my opinion this is
a great place for you to start. Actually, timing is perfect, for a
trip to Hong Kong for the September show (sponsored by CMP Asia). HK
is a beautiful city, much like NY except more people speak English.
(actually great selection of American Restaruants in HK, I do
remember being a little homesick, until I went into the Hard Rock on
Canton St and had a few Sam Adams). I do think if you attend this
show, you will be blown away, by the magnitude of the show, and
quality of the merchandise. I cannot remember seeing a product
category that was not covered. Please keep in mind that you are no
longer in the USA and business in China is done very differently. So
be prepared to adjust your mind set. If you are looking strictly for
price, then be prepared to talk about volume otherwise, make your
goods here in the USA. What you also might find interesting is the
global extent of the jewelry industry. I have been in this business
for over 35 years, I have experienced manufacturing in the US,
Canada, and Mexico. I have build programs for Target, Walmart, JC
Penney, ect. It takes a lot to “blow me away”. That is exactly what
happened on my first trip to the jewelry show in HK. Seeing the
global extent of the jewelry industry is amazing. So my advise to
you is to make a trip to this show, look at what is available, do not
rush into buying but first start to develop “relationships”. Then
see if doing business in China is right for you. It really is not for

Best Regards
Paul DeFruscio

David you can try China by going to Global Sources and filter
through all the places. Also try Asia they are a new comer to the
market in the US and Canada but their prices are pretty high.


Dear David, I am a consultant in mumbai India. I am a consultant to
companies manufacturing jewellery in India. These companies carry out
exports to U.S, U.K, & other european countries. The website is You can visit this site. Incase you want me to act as a
quality controller I would be in a position to do this. cell number

Best Regards
Umesh.G.ChavanPhd, F.G.A (London), M.B.A

you might want to try vietnam for your stone setting needs and
casting as wel. currently they are still a non-taxed country and
their consulate can put you in touch with the ministry of arts and
crafts and the gems and jewelry manufacturing industry.that way you
can contact each one on your own,checking things like email repsonse
time,language barriers, and other affairs of long-distance trade,DO
NOT let any officials do the trading, or act as your agent…your
costs will be affected almost certainly