Manual feed steamer?

Hi All…

I need some advice on a nice steamer. The shop I worked for had a
good reimers that was piped into the plumbing. In my shop I can not
use the plumbing, so I need a manual feed machine. I have used the
silver dragon…lets just say I wasn’t impressed.

Thanks for your help!

I got a Steammaster made in New Jersey have had it 30yrs had a few
repairs parts were shipped fast at reasonable prices.

Don in Idaho


I have two Steam Masters I bought both of them used they are the
best I have ever used. They are a little pricier than some but are
built to last. I found mine in the news paper. One had a bad selenoid
that operates the foot pedal. I by passed it with a hand operated $6
ball valve that goes out every couple of years I just run out to the
hardware store and buy a new one easy to fix that is the only thing
I have replaced in about 15 years of use I bought the second one when
I had more than one location and have it now as a back up.