Manila jewelry attractions

I will be heading over to Manila for a short stay. Does anyone have
any advice for jewelry type things to see, do, or buy there? Or any
"you must see/do this" advise?


There is a pearl/jewelry market that has some nice things. The
Metropolitan Museum of Manila is lovely and has great art books.
Look for the gold ancient jewelry “Art of a Golden Age”, from various
places around the Philippines. They had a display when I was there
last which might not still be on display but the small book about it
is worth trying to buy. Enjoy the friendly people.

Manila is not known for high quality jewelry. However good deals can
be had for south sea pearls. Most of the dark golden pearls there are
dyed - although they will tell you they’re natural, but generally the
lighter golden pearls are natural.

To see a lot of pearls at once, check out the pearl market at
Greenbelt mall in Manila - its about 30 minutes from Makati in
traffic (99% of the time) - go in time for opening so you can
negotiate special “first customer” prices. And really push for the
price and they will be sure to give y ou the tourist price!

They also have some gemstones in the same market, but don’t bother
with those, they’re either complete shite or fakes.

If you get the chance, check out a restaurant called Peoples Palace
in Greenbelt 3 in Makati - the best asian fusion food ever - and
very reasonably priced!

Have fun, wish I was heading back there