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Malmo & Copenhagen Jewelry Attractions

Hi All

I recently saw info posted for where to visit in Antwerp and
Stockholm to see metals/jewelry. Can anyone share any jewelry
galleries, metalsmith studios, supply houses, or any metal related
tourism in Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark (other than Georg

Also, does anyone know if there is any specific gem related to these
areas? Any info would be appreciated!

Sherri Strandberg
Aeterna Metals

Dear sherri strandberg

Sorry for the late answer but I better chime in on this thread as it
is more or less my back garden.

I don’t know much about Malmo, but in Copenhagen don’t miss Georg
Jensen. Go into their shop and ask for the museum. It is not very
obvious but is situated downstairs in the basement and an absolute
’must see’.

Then there is ‘Galerie Metal’, Nybrogade 26; about 20 metal artists,
mainly jewellers:

Then there is Galleri Tactus, Stavangergade 6 and ‘Konglomeratet’,
Montergade 14, (two silversmiths (one of them is my daughter, by the
way)), and then take a stroll around in the Montergade-area, where
you will find quite a few metal artists.

And if you are considering visiting our wonderful island of Bornholm,

  • Pearl of the Baltic - (Danish island in the Baltic Sea southeast of
    Sweden), let me know. And if you come mid June, we are hosting a
    Class of Chasing and Repousse with the wondereful teacher,
    silversmith, artist etc. Valentin Yotkov.

Niels Lovschal
Contemporary and Viking Age Jewellery