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Malleable injection wax

I have molds of various animals, etc, I want to be able to manipulate
the waxes (their arms and legs) without breaking them off. What kind
of injection wax would be the most malleable ?

Thanks, Beth

Beth, just warm the wax in your closed hand.

have fun. tom arnold

Beth - No matter what type of injection wax you use it will be
necessary to heat a seam into the model with a wax pen to manipulate
and move an arm/leg to the new position. Most injection waxes have
"memory" and more than likely it will eventually drift back to where
they were originally located. Amputation and re-attachment is the
best way to change the critter !

Margie Mersky

Dear Beth,

Try our Castaldo Plast-O-Wax. It’s an injection wax that is flexible
and malleable.

Michael Knight

Beth, I manipulate some figures that I have molds for by cutting at
the joint (elbow, knee, whatever) with a sharp blade and welding them
back together with wax. This keeps things very neat, and avoids
problems you can get with any type of wax trying to get back to its
original shape (aka “memory”) when you just bend it. Use a lower-
melting wax to stick them back together, so as not to lose your
details. Try it once.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker/