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Making your own cinch bezel mounting

Hi this is the Super Novice Sabra

Just a question Ganoksin tribe, i’ve been looking at simple Cinch
mountings and wrap tites, i guess all of you can agree they are
expensive as heck! i have several (3) parcels of peridot, ruby,
aquamarines, garnets all oval except the ruby i one cab that is tear
shaped. my ovals are all faceted some with high pavillions, various
millimeters 5X7, 8X6 not in exact calibration, i spent alot of time
measuring them. and i want to use some open backed bezels. but i have
approximately 42 of them that can get riduculous in the cost of

One person in a forum suggested EZ-Fit wire, I don’t know the acutal
web site for that. Another forum suggested “Channel wire” to use to
make my own cinch bezel mountings. That was nice only thing is this -
On the entire internet there are no writen or pictoral instructions
or tutorials on “MAKING YOUR OWN CINCH BEZEL MOUNTING”. so i know
Ganoksin is always full of valid and up to the moment on
the industry i’ve fallen in love with so please can someone give an
account of how to make Cinch mountings or at the least point me to
an inexpensive site that sells them - ihave to ask my friend to use
her TAX ID since i have none (alas I’m still a student) also don’t
give me Stuller, Firemountain Gems, or Rio they don’t always have
the sizes. Thanks Ganoksin teachers and jewelers i appreciate your

One other thing is palladium more expensive than gold or silver?