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Making wire beads


I recently bought some silver beads that were just wrapped into a
round form from a long length of thin wire. They are hollow in the
center and I would like to make my own, but don’t know what could be
used as a round form to wrap the wire around that would then be able
to dissolve or maybe be burned away.

If anybody knows of such a thing I would greatly appreciate some

Thanks in advance,
Lona Northener


Try the book “Beadifferent - Make Wire Beads” by Lisa Van Herik.
ISBN 0967572509. BeaDifferent Press 1999

Karen Bahr - Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Lona,

Have you tried water soluble wax to make a round form as a base to
your wire bead? In my website page

if you click on the7th picture you will see such a round bead as a
necklace. I used Mattgunto produce the silver wire but I am sure you
can use a soft wire to wrap around the rounded wax bead.

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan GG FGA DGA