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Making wax models

I would like to learn about making wax models and know nothing.
What are good resources, such as books or videos for learning the
processes and the available products and tools. I hope to make rings,
pendants and bracelets.

Hi Michael,

Working in wax has caught my interest to learn too… I just bought a
book online and am about 3/4 of the way through it. (Modeling in Wax
for Jewelry and Sculpture by Kallenberg, Lawrence) It covers several
small projects, gives suggestions for tools, and explains some of the
characteristics of the different color waxes.

I’ve always modeled in silver and then cast the pieces to gold
working in wax should make some things much easier. I’ll be keeping an
eye on this thread for any good book suggestions too.

Have fun with it,

Michael, there are many resources to choose from, try looking in the
book section of a Rio Grande tools catalog, or thumbing through your
local library. But better yet, the best thing to do is just start
with either a block or a tube of wax and start carving… you only
need a few tools to accomplish this and as you get into it, you will
probably make tools you need for specific tasks. A good set of wax
files, and a good wax hand file. most of the tools I use to carve
wax I have made myself.