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Making sterling domed band lined with 14k gold

To All:

Need to make a Sterling 6mm and 8mm wide domed ‘wedding’ ba= nds
lining with 14k gold. It’s for a friend and neighbor getting married
ina two months. She found the ring she wants online and I told her to
buy them… but they are not taking any orders until after Sept. So,
I have never done this before. From examining just photos there seems
to bea trick to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the
mean time Ill practice with some sterling and copper and see what I
come up with. I have most tools, mill and press, etc… I do not
have a cnc capabilities.

Thanks to all! :slight_smile: joy kruse

What your after is an engineering solution.

It depends on what tooling you have around. Id make up the tooling
as it would then give me another product to add to my stock. If it was
me, Id make the 2 tubes from sheet strip, one in sterling and one in
gold, as an interference fit one inside the other, then using a ring
roller with one wheel convex and the other concave roll the ring
between them to get the domed profile. They wont come apart.

If you dont have this type of tooling then you could make up a
hinged pair of dies out of steel. polish it well and use your bench
vice to apply the pressure to move the metal.

Pictures would help.
Regards, Gary Wooding


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…



Do you have a ring stretcher/reducer machine? If you do, you can make
a thin 14K band and then make a sterling band which fits tightly over
it. Then use the reducer dies in your ring stretcher machine to push
your ring into, from both sides, to gently produce as much of a dome
as you need. You’re smart to practice with copper or silver to test
your results. I’ve found I need to make the ring(s) size larger than
I need because the doming with the reducer dies tends to make the
ring smaller (duh).

Jay Whaley

Jay -

Yep I do have a ring/stretcher reducer machine! Thanks for the info
it’s just the tips I needed to get started. Thanks Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

joy kruse