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Making steel wedding ring


I have a customer wanting a steel wedding ring. I can provide a CAD
file for the ring. It will be just a simple band, rounded on the
inside and flat on top, with a simple engraved line pattern. Does
anyone know who to use for steel?

What is the best way to go about making this kind of ring? thanks for
all your help,


What is the best way to go about making this kind of ring? 

You do not need CAD for that. Start with size and have machine shop
to drill an appropriate hole. After that all you need is a file. Any
stainless steel would do.

Leonid Surpin


I think the easiest way to go with steel is to lathe the ring. Easy
for me to say since I have a shop with 4 lathes in it. By steel I
assume you mean stainless steel? A mild steel ring would be nasty.

A small piece of trivia - In Canada all Engineers receive a
stainless steel pinky ring on graduating. Rings from retired
engineers are pasted down to new engineers. The story is the rings
were originally made from metal from a bridge that collapsed to
remind engineers of their responsibility. My wife and I each have one
and they are almost certainly made on lathes.

Jon Daniels
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