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Making jewelry as full time living

Dear Friends. Thank you all for the advise on polishing small areas of
gold jewelry. There were some great ideas I had not considered. I will
try some of them and get back to you.

Maybe you can assist me with another issue.

I have been creating lost wax jewelry for many years now. Most of my
pieces are for friends and referrals. At this point, jewelry is not my
main income. I teach art in the public schools. My desire is to make
jewelry a full time living. Possibly develope a website featuring my
jewelry and in that is my question. Does anyone have knowledge of a
good hosting service for a website? This should be a company with
excellent support services. Also, services that allow me to import
photos of jewelry to be placed on the website. Any comments would be
greatly appreciated.

My approach to creating jewelry is to make a solid one piece
construction using the lost wax process. I begin with the gemstone and
build wax to form a highly sculptured piece of jewelry. The stone can
be one I like or an old gem someone wants remade into a nice piece of
jewelry. My jewelry is very durable and will last for generations.

I look forward to your comments. Bob P.