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Making indu knots

Hi everyone

I’ve been searching the Web to find out to make indu knots

You know, those BIG knots made out of many black strings. The
Nepalese and Thibet people used them in wonderful, big chunked
necklaces. They’re about 1/2 " in diameter and 1/4 " thick, round.

I’ve been reading about ancient asian jewellry, and wish to make

Any ideas ?
Thanks !

Knots can have different names depending on who uses them. I can find
nothing called an “indu” knot, but searching the web for “Tibetan
knots” one comes up more than others. It is a variety of “prolong
knot”, or “matknot” which has been common aboard ship for centuries.
The most complete and detailed reference for knotting that I know of
is The Ashley Book of Knots. A less expensive reference is The
The Harrison book of knots by P.P.O. Harrison. These and other similar
booksare availabe in yachting and marine supply stores, probably
Amazon as well.

Jerry in Kodiak

I don’t know what an Indu knot is, but perhaps you mean the button
knot. Google search button knot and you will find instructions on how
to tie it. Also search for Chinese knotting and you will find
instructions on several other decorative knots.

If you can point us to some pictures, some here might be able to
better identify the knots in question. Instead of all the random
guessing. :sunglasses:

Carol Wang