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Making impressions in silver

Hi all,

I would like to make leaf impressions in sterling with my rolling
mill. What is the process for doing so? I will be using dead soft
silver sterling sheet. I’m new at this, with a brand new mill, so
details would be helpful.

Thanks. -Rockey

Dear Rockey: I’m sure you will get lots of advice on this subject.
Try this: Close the rollers of the mill on the sheet of silver you
will be using hard enough to make an impression. Note the thickness
setting and loosen the rollers enough to pull out the sheet. Then
close the rollers about five thousandths thinner than your original
setting. Place the leaf (or whatever else you might want to make an
impression with) on the sheet and roll thru the mill in one smooth

The leaf will be dust, but the impression should be quite clear.
Often things that one might not want, like hair and lint will leave
the clearest impressions in a sheet.

Have fun with this,
Phill Baldwin