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Making decals

Hi Everyone

I did several paintings and want to transfer, make a decal, size
1" x 2" 1.5"x 2.5" or around that size range. then may be transfer
to seramics and put them in silver frame as a neckless or pin. Any
idea who can help?

Thank you in advance…

One way to do this is with an inkjet printer (usually an Epson) and
dyesublimation inks. You feed the printer a specially treated paper
and mirror your image before you send it to the printer. Once you
have the piece of paper in your hand you can place it on any
polyestercoated object, round or flat, and fix it in position with
some masking tape. You then apply heat with a pad to transfer the
image to the object. These are the basic steps. Not residing in the
US makes it impossible to direct you to any supplier but ask around
for dye sublimation processes.


Testers makes decal paper (item #9202) that you can print in your
inkjet printer. I bought mine at Staples or one of the various bigbox
office supply stores.

Ed in Kokomo

Just go to a printers shop (up here I go to staples) They reduce the
size to whatever I want. Leslie

Dear Michaela

Thank you for your time and respond. I am simply trying to use my
art images and make them Jewelry necleses on ceramic. What do you do?
I know that there is a firing process with ceramics involved. What
kind of paper is that we need…Where ever you live I hope you are ok
with all this crazy storms. I am In L.A. it is great… here

Hi Lesile

What about permanency of the color. Isn’t the printing should be

Here’s a site which shows a process for silkscreening.

Here’s a site for a company that says they will digitally make the
decals from your work.

Hope this helps,

For permanancy of color, spray afterwards with an
ultraviolet/waterproofing spray can. It doesnt take care of
everything forever, but certainly helps alot. I have tshirts with
transfers done on my inkjet that have lasted 3-5 yrs, with moderate
to heavy use, with UV spray- bought at any art and craft supply
store. I would experiment 1st tho, cause sometimes the spray will
make the decal paper pucker up.

Ed in Kokomo