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Making clip earrings

Folks: I read this blog daily and have a new question for you. I
need to make a bunch of clip earrings for a retail store customer.
Each earring is made out of a domed sterling silver disc about 5/8th
of an inch in diameter. Should I use sterling silver findings or base
metal? Does anyone use a comfort-type fitting? Where is the best
place to buy these findings?

Betsy Lehndorff

Hello Betsy,

I would use findings in the same metal as the earring - IOW, use
sterling clips. I have bought them from Stuller, Rio, and Indian
Jewelry Supply.

Be aware that they cost much more than a post or hook.

You need to recalculate your sale price and account for both the
additional cost of clip findings as well as the additional (although
slight) work to properly solder and assemble them.

Judy in Kansas, where we should have temps in the upper 60s -
perfect for some garden clean-up.

Judy said it, I would look at my price point and buy the findings in
the metal best suited to meet my retail price. The soldering and
assembly are greater than ear posts so that will add time to the
price. If I had to solder 100 pairs of ear clips I might go insaner
and adjusting the clip to the joint takes time too so they are not
too tight of too loose on the ear.

Sam Patania, Tucson