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Making Argentium Sterling Headpins


I have read all of the tips that I could find about balling up
argentium wire, but when I attempted this on 24g AS the ball
traveled up one side of the wire instead of making a nice centered
ball. I tried to change every variable to alter this result to no
avail. I tried keeping the flame still vs. moving it back and forth

  • concentrating the flame below the wire vs. heating more of the
    wire with the flame etc. etc. etc. I am using a small blazer torch
    with a small hot flame and have had success balling fine silver, but
    the resulting headpins are too soft. I would greatly appreciate any
    advice the metalsmith gods could give on this subject, because this
    novice is ready to bang her head off the wall.

Thanks, Denise


Hello Denise

Try Rio Grande as they now sell Argentium® Sterling head pins, eye
pins and Fish hooks.

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


I have had that problem with all metals. What seems to work best for
me is to have the wire vertical and melt from the bottom. If it still
leans, remelt favoring the side you want to move the ball toward.