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Making a wax burnout tray

I have received several off line requests for as to how
I made my wax burnout tray.

I did not like any that were available at the various jewelry supply
places as many of them required removing the flasks before one could
remove the wax tray. I wanted the grid on which the flasks had been
placed to remain so that none of the flasks would have to be removed.

From Thompson enamel I purchased a heavy duty metal enameling rack,
and cut it to a size that fit my kiln. At each corner, I attached a
bolt fastened with a nut. This elevated it about the tray. For the
tray, I purchased a shallow disposable aluminum tray, to fit under
the metal grid. I drilled a hole in the end that would be facing the
kiln door, and attached a wire to the hole. This enables me to grab
it to pull out the tray. After keeping the kiln at 300 degrees for one
hour to assure that all the wax had dripped out, I removed the tray.
I used a tong to grab the wire, moving the tray forward, and a heavy
pot holder so that I would not burn my hands. I then closed the door
of the kiln, and continued the burnout.