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Making a "pop-up" pendant

Hello! I am trying to plan out a piece of jewelry with a feature I haven’t attempted before. I would like to make a locket, where an element pops up from inside upon opening, and lays back down to close. Nothing needs to collapse or articulate in any way, it just needs to swing up 90 degrees, and lay back down in its little box. The locket base and moving element are both carved in wax and will be cast into silver (locket) and brass (inner object).

I am guessing I need to make something based on a spring ring…? Or is there a much simpler device I am not thinking of? I rooted around in the archives here as well as on You Tube, but am not finding what I need. I may also not be using the right terms.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

Do you want the pop-up to articulate with the hinge, that is should it move into its flat position as you close the locket, or is it OK if it has to be pushed back into place by hand so the locket can close?

Oh, good question! I’m fine with having to push it in, it doesn’t need to move with the locket hinge.

Here’s a simple mechanism. The locket hinges on the side and the pop-up hinges at its end. There is a small coil spring on the hinge pin of the pop-up the arms of which bear against the back of the pop-up and the interior of the locket back.
You will need to have a small stop on the pop-up hinge so that it stops in the position you want. Also I haven’t drawn the locket catch.


Thank you so much for the drawing and instructions! I think I do understand the mechanism now. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do that.