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Making a pickle

Can anyone give me a quick easy way to make a pickle? thanks a

David Vladar

G’day; I always use 10% sulphuric acid, but battery acid would
work too. Or, if you don’t fancy having acids about that would
make holes in your shirts, then you could use sodium bisulphate
(sodium hydrogen sulphate) - lavatory cleaner, called Harpic in
NZ Aussie, and Britain. Use that hot; strength is not
important, just some of the crystals in some water! Some people
have their pickle in an electric crock-pot, but do keep iron out
of it. Use plastic, copper, or brass tongs to take it out of
the pot. Cheers,–

       / /    John Burgess, 
      / /
     / //\    @John_Burgess2
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   / (___) \

Hi John,

I use Sodium Bisulphate that I buy in large buckets at the
beginning of the summer season. This is because it’s called pH
Minus where pool supplies are sold. Sometimes I remember to look
at the end of the season for sales:-)

Not jewelry related - how’s your knee doing. My hubby is having
cartilege repair soon. I reeeaally hope he’ll be back on his feet
soon after.


Can anyone give me a quick easy way to make a pickle? thanks a

Hi David,

You could take common table salt and vinegar, about 1
table-spoon salt, 1 pint vinegar, same water. I use this heated
in a (enamelled) cooking-pot on “senior management’s” hearth
for larger pieces which I cannot dip into my pickle pot.

regards, Markus

Hi Linda,

I have many unopened containers of ph Minus available to me.
How do I use this as pickle, (ie, do I mix with water or some other

Can I use ph Plus for anything, (other than my pool), I mean in
relation to jewelry?

Thanks for the tip,

Hi Siobhan

The pH Minus is Sodium Bisulphate which is what Sparex (and, I
believe), etc.

pickles are made from. I have a crock pot that I use for larger
pieces, but usually use a small pyrex bowl. I fill this with hot
water and add about a tablespoon of pH Minus. Not an exact science
on how much to add. I cover this with a saucer. I keep it warm on
the cover of my kiln that I use for granulation. Don’t let it
boil. If my gold is not cleaning up quickly enough, I add a bit
more Minus.

Hope this is of some help.


Hope this is of some help.

Yes! You’ve been alot of help. Thank you! I have so much of
this stuff, it’s not even funny; and if the kids have to go into
the pool with the ph level too high…oh well! Only kidding.
Thanks again, Siobhan