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Making a lapis lazuli chalice knop

Hello everyone,

Here’s a “how-to” you may find it interesting, particularly if you
like stones. It takes you step by step through the entire
fabricationof a lapis lazuli chalice knop I made recently for a
Boston religious institution.

Here’s the link that takes you to the story

The site where it’s hosted by the way is the “gemological forum” page
of which is an absolutely first class discussion forum for all things
related to gemstones - from Raman spectroscopy to hands-on cutting to
stones for sale to advice on metalwork. The how-to-identify-it and
how-to-cut-and-polish-it discussions (among others) on this forum are
without equal, and there’s also a recently added “marketplace” page
for stones and gemological instruments & books & other such stuff.

Cheers all,
Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

Hello Hans,

Thanks for sharing your journey. I am not a lapidary and will never
be, but I can appreciate your ingenious approach to your project.
Will you share a photo of the final piece after completion?

Rock on, Judy in Kansas, where temp swings are usual, but going from
60+ degrees to single digits. a shock to the system!

Loved it. Thanks for providing info on your project.