Making a hollow bi-metal ring

Hi all,

Sometimes I mess around with a new method for making things and then
the piece gets finished and then it gets put in the window and then
it sells.

Then I got to make another one and then I got to figure out how I
made the original piece in the first place. This is a mission.

So after I redesign the wheel the second or third time, I start
taking digital pictures as I work along, to keep it visual for ‘ol
bright-eyes’ over here. Then, when I finally stick it all together, I
suppose one could call it a visual tutorial.

Anyway, I have made a good couple of these rings and since they sell
well in my shop, I made a visual to send to my goldsmith friends and

Can be used as you wish. No design or technique of mine is
copyrighted on my website.

Cheers Hans Meevis