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Making a cast iron and diamond ring

Talks about plagiarising etc reminded me of something that
happened to me. In 1989 I corresponded with an american jeweller
who attended Heiki Seppa’s workshop and who was kind enough to
send me copies of her notes. I eventually met her in 1990 when I
attended a Michael Good’s workshop at paradise on earth (ie
Haystack.) At the time we were both working with spiculum forms .
I had researched and made lots of differenent catches in an
effort to find one that would stop the pin from “rolling” when
worn. My friend and I swopped pins, when we turned them over to
inspect the catch ( as all jewellers do!) we discovered that they
were identical! It was a great moment.

Recently I started making picture frame brooches. My latest
Metalsmith arrived this week and in one of the adverts was a
frame broooch!!

The world is a small place.

Lets enjoy, create, expand and make the most of today.

Felicity in beautiful West Oz. where eleven wonderful people
were presented with State Living Treasures awards today for their
contribution to the Cultural life of Western Australia. A first
for Australia!