Making 950 palladium alloy


Has anyone attempted to make their own 950 palladium? Would there be
any differences between adding ruthenium or adding iridium as a
hardener? Is it better to mix powders together and then melt, or add
the powder to the molten palladium (sould safety be a factor)?



Preparing high quality Pd950 alloy is a difficult task since
palladium (unlike platinum) is reactive with crucibles and
atmospheric gases. High quality melting equipment with precise
temperature, vacuum, and atmospheric control, as well as special
crucible materials are required.

Alloy suppliers like Legor have invested, researched and developed
these technologies to provide consistent quality alloys to their

Our metallurgists have not found iridium to be a viable replacement
for ruthenium in PD950. However, there are other alternatives to
ruthenium that have been developed that may be interesting to you
depending on your type of application.

Cliff Durlacher
Legor USA