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Make Piece Seeking Help


At Hanuman’s suggestion, I’m writing to introduce our organization
to and seek support from the wonderful Orchid community.

I am the founding president of a nonprofit 501c3 organization, Make
Piece/Peace, Inc. Make Piece grew out of an interest in the living
wage (a wage that supports a family in dignity, given the cost of
housing and basic goods in its community) and a desire to model the
living wage in a revenue-generating business involving low-income

In the Washington DC area, we offer a three-month curriculum in
jewelry-making, financial literacy, small business basics and
life-skills. We also manage a small, but growing, model jewelry
business in which our graduates make and market their jewelry, gain
valuable organizational and management experience, and access a
broader market for their goods. Our clients earn the DC-area living
wage rate for time spent making and marketing goods, teaching
classes, and performing office work for the model business. For
graduates who wish to develop their own independent businesses, Make
Piece provides ongoing guidance to help them strengthen their
marketing and business skills.

I was absolutely drooling when I read the list of items to be
included in the raffle. My first impulse was to ‘stuff the ballot
box’ by buying a bunch of tickets with my own money. But since I’m
still subsidizing the organization, I can’t really afford that. My
next bright idea was to put out the word that, if the winner receives
items that he or she doesn’t need, we would REALLY appreciate the tax
deductible contribution.

After 3 years of operating in borrowed space at odd times with
nowhere to store our items or install equipment, we’ve finally rented
a studio where our clients can produce items and classes can be
taught. Our next challenge is to outfit it for basic metalsmithing
and possibly lampworking. We’ve got some very talented clients and
would like to help them get to the next level of expertise. Anything
the winner – or other members of the Orchid community – can do to
help us would be greatly appreciated. We also gratefully accept
donations of unneeded beads and other components, supplies or
equipment. And volunteers, teachers, etc.

Thanks for considering us. You can learn more at our website,


Maureen, I don’t know what I can do for you, I have been in the
industry all my life and taught technique as well as business, maybe
as a email mentor?

Sam Patania, Tucson,