Magnifying floor lamp

ok, so, re: lenses and magnification…I had a minute to double check…

to clarify, my above comments are based on my using a .63x objective lens zoom range 3.13x - 18.9x, with a working distance of 6.1”…on the Leica A60 scope head native magnification 5x - 30x, on a GRS Acrobat Versa stand…

see below quote regarding reduced magnification when using an objective lens, from contenti website

i was looking at the AmScopes, but got confused by all the different lenses…and magnification specs…so i searched for some info…thought i would share…

i found this explanation of how ocular and objective lenses work in conjunction with each other in microscopes…interesting


also, re Neils point about focus, the Leica A60 stays in focus when you zoom in and out using the zoom knob.

i usually set the zoom knob at max zoom first…then i raise/ lower the workpiece until i am in focus…from there i can then use the zoom knob to zoom in or out and it stays in focus…until i move/ tilt the piece…in which case i use the other knob to raise/ lower the scope head to re-focus…or raise/lower the piece using the slide and lock to re-focus. i usually start with the head knob set at the middle of its travel length…i often prefer to move the slide and lock rather than the scope head so that i maintain a comfortable position…it all depends on where everything is…



in above previous post, talking about body positioning, the 2 knobs are:

  1. zoom knob (adjusts magnification)
  2. focus knob (adjusts scope head height travel, up and down)


Hi Sue,
you mentioned headaches…which optivisor lens are you using?

perhaps it is too strong? optivisor has a range of lens with progressively higher magnification…i primarily use the #4, but also have the #7, and #10


Thanks, it’s actually the headband itself that bothers me. I think.

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Hi Rob,

(sorry, i forgot to reply specifically to you regarding my above comments re magnification and objective lenses…i hope you saw them…)

p.s.i am not advocating for GRS, i am just using their content to show examples

i think that the working distance (magnification- ocular and objective lens choice), scope positioning flexibility (boom arm, pillar stand height/ weight), and positioning of work piece (choice of ball vise height, slide and lock option, satellite stand stand option, dedicated bench height with lower table height, etc, are critical questions to answer…

focusing your scope: (note the head/ eyepiece distance from the work)

also, since you will be engraving, centering will probably be important to consider

how to center your work:

universal centering vise attachment:

ball vise sizes: the height of the vise… (i have the microblock xl at 7lbs…the microblock at 4lbs was not stable enough when applying any force…i love the weight of the standard at 19lbs, but it is a but tall when working under the scope…

note the ball vise heights, and then look at the back of the photo where the standard ball is on the satellite stand, for an idea of work position height…ie: look at the height of the surface of the stand itself…

you could also use a GRS benchmate type setup for work holding, …

here is an example of a fixed height bench top, shortest height micro block, and a pillar type microscope stand as opposed to the versa style stand…(the Jura bench)

lastly here is a video about less expensive microscope, with a base style pillar type stand in action…and he talks about stereo and trinocular, which i found interesting…(for a camera) i feel like the scope stand needs to be raised…he appears to be hunched over a bit too much, even though he says he is comfortable…and there is no headrest, which i feel is very important to maintain head/ eye position to the eyepieces…very slight head/ eye movements really affects whether you see properly or not…

also, consideration for how high the scope stand will go, and how far forward it will travel…ie: how will you sit comfortably, can you extend it past the edge of your bench comfortably…

basically, i guess i am saying everything needs to be considered in relation to maintaining a comfortable seated position



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Julie…You are way ahead of me on this one. I am just beginning to learn about microscopes and appreciate all that you and others have offered in response to my original posts. The decision to eventually buy one is way down the road for me, but I will take into account your advice before I do. I have always thought that, if someone can ask a question, others probably have wanted to ask the same question, but didn’t, however, they will benefit just the same from the answers, even if they didn’t ask the question in the first place. As a teacher, I saw this happen in the classroom all the time and used it as a measure of how effective my teaching was…Rob

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Hi Sue,

I just recalled a brand of lighting with magnification that you might be interested in…OTT lights…here is a link to their craft and sewing section/ lighting with magification…they have many floor lamp models…


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Many thanks!


back to your original pist…

i saw this floor lamp/ magnifying combo on instagram
here are some pics

i dont see that config, but scroll thru the below website, in the accessories section.

for the mangnifying glass, the lamps. etc

a bit pricey…looks like more for photography, beauty, etc


Very cool, and thank you (nearly missed this, I had kind of stopped following this thread since it got sidetracked into the spendy zone :slight_smile: )