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Hi Gang,

There were a few questions from some of us in the over 40 crowd
about magnifiers other than the Opti-Visor.

I’ve been using one that clips on your glasses with a spring
above & below the lenses, the magnifier is mounted on a beam
that positions it about 2. 5" in front of the lenses.The beam
pivots at the glassses & the magnifier pivots at the end of the
beam. I haven’t found a situation it wouldn’t wo rk in & I wear
tri-focals.Rio has it on p88, item ‘E’ in their 97 tool catalog,
about $18.00.

K.H. Lee, 800-435-4966, has a magnifier that clips over glasses
ala clip on sun glasses. He has them in 3 different
magnifications for about $10.00. I’ve got the 3x about 6 months
ago & it works fine.


I use the “reading” glasses from drug stores and the two Marts.
I get them in different focal lengths for different things. The
price is right and if they get sctatched, I dump them. When I
swhiched from glasses to monovision with one contact lense, I had
to get out the old glasses and the old lens for my optivisor that
I had put away as I bought stronger helps.

Marilyn Smith