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Magnetic tumblers -coca cola

Coke cleans all kinds of things that are caked on or are gummy.
If you have a smoker around it does wonders on yukky nicotine
ashtrays. Not to play favorites, Pepsi works too. I used to
work with a fellow that used a Styrofoam cup to drink his coke
from. He just rinsed it out and reused it. In about six months
the coke ate a hole in the styrofoam. Imagine what it must do to

But back to metal work, I wonder if it would work on heavy
firescale on brass? I think I’ll try next time I screw up a
piece. I know you can use mix of pickle and hydrogen peroxide,
but I sometimes forget the piece is in the mix and ruin the
finish. I’ll let you know if this works.