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Magnetic Solution!

Happy days are here again. You have all helped an awful lot and
probably many others. I ran my washed shot with Coke for about
20 minutes and washed again then made very sure that alll peices
were rinsed from pickling and then into baking soda then the
machine and magically all came out wounderfully. Who would have
thought that coke would clean so well. You wer right that a bit
of pickling probably from not rinsing or soaked into the silver
set up an electrolitic plating process…

I thouhgtI had ruined the shot and complained to the dealer and
he to the manufaturer and they will come out with nes
instructions for just his problem in the future. But I rather
doubt that they will suggest the coke solution … but it WORKED!
Pass this along and thanks, Ron http:\