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Magnetic you reccommend them?

Howdy, I’m pondering purchasing a magnetic polisher and am in hopes
that you who use one will enlighten me.

Mary Ann Archer

i have a comment and a question on this subject. we have been using
magnetic tumblers for 6 or 7 years. we have completely eliminated
stripping and bombing and would not be able to get along with out
them now. i highly recommend.

my question. has anyone out there found an inexpensive soap or
concoction to use in the magnetic tumbler that gives optimum results.
we use a sunsheen product from rio but it is expensive and takes
forever to get it. we have experimented with “simple green” an off
the shelf cleanser and other detergents.

Jim Fortescue

 has anyone out there found an inexpensive soap or concoction to
use in the magnetic tumbler that gives optimum results.

Hi, Actually, I have been using Ajax Liquid dishwashing soap for
about 6 years with my magnetic pin polisher… We never have to clean
the pins… so long as you change the water and rinse the shot well
every 3 or 4 times it is used.

We use a medium size Raytech machine. Another thing we do so that you
don’t have to search for parts… We got rid of the plastic bowl that
came with the machine as it reduced the quantity or did not allow us
to put large pieces in . This was replaced with a large , slightly
rounded tupper ware bowl … The rounded edges of the bowl really
throws the pins around the items much more and is definitely

We have a secondary bowl and some stainless steel wire baskets with
different weave to the wire of the basket… Basically, 3 different
sizes… Now, we take the bowl with the pieces, pour it through the
stainless strainer basket and put the second bowl and strainer
basket on the machine and run it for abpout 10 seconds. this pulls
all the pins to the bottom of the bowl, leaving all your metal parts
in the basket, free of all pins…

Not all machines are built like the raytech… some have a big metal
pin in the center of the machine to locate the original bowl and
hold it in place… you cannot use the tupper ware bowls on these
machines. Hope this helps. Daniel Grandi

We do casting/finishing and a whole lot more for designers,
jewelers, stores, catalogs , students and people in the trade.


Right now I am using one. It is great!! Thing is, it is my buddies
not mine. If I had the funds at this time I would buy one. I think the
name is Ioke not sure, I guess I should look one of these days but it
will clean all the silver and or gold to the smallest spots you
want. I have yet to have it go bad on me working with it for off and
on 5 months now.

William Gray Thunder
Gray Thunder Silversmith
P.o. Box 456
Manvel, Texas 77578