Magnetic pin finisher

Has anyone out there made their own magnetic tumbler? I took a
friends apart, and it did not look very difficult. I am a mechanical
person, and with some direction, could probably put one together. I
just don’t see the justification of $1,000 dollars from tool
suppliers for 4 magnets, a motor, some pins, and a tupperware bowl.
Anyone who has pulled this off, please let me know! Mark @NEP2UNE

Mark, Back in May of 2000 BobnotBob posted a website of plans fo a
mag polisher that he built. the site is still up, find it at

I built one and I put a few pic om my website at and

Michael Doogan

There are instructions in the archive from a gentleman who did this
last year. I have not built the device but the “plans” were
reasonable. Because he was using stock materials the finished device
looked somewhat large.