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Magnesite Interests


I would like to communicate with members of orchid who have
experience in working with the magnesite minerals such as
crysopase, etc…


Michael, I am puzzled by your query. Maybe I will learn something I
don’t know. My books are not the very latest. There is a clear
magnesite for faceting in Gemstones of the World, however, it does not
look hard enough to stand up to most jewelry applications. In one
rock club I belonged to the intarsia class used magnesite in massive,
opaque, cream or tan to brown and it worked well and took a good
polish. However, I am not finding crysopase in my books. Do you mean
chrysoprase? It is a silicon dioxide material in shades of green,
much harder and worked like most quartz material.
Sincerely, Rose Alene McArthur