Mag-Eyes vs Circlight Magnifier

Does anyone agree/disagree about the swing-arm variety being
easier on the eyeballs than a the lowish-quality-range (compared to
others that have been mentioned so far) Mag-Light? I'll be using
whatever I end up with in conjunction with on-order (oh joy)
reading glasses. 

Jessica, I have to admit that I don’t know what a Mag-light looks
like, but I’ve had the $70-ish dollar swing-arm with a circular
fluorescent bulb that surrounds the glass magnifier for
mumbledy-mumble years (more than 15!). I started out using it for
needlework, then micro-beading with thread, and now jewelry making.

The circular light is all that and a biscuit! I find that I use it
as a simple light source when I’m using my own (oh-joy) reading
glasses or Optivisor for normal closeup work. A quick drag on the
lamp and it’s in position for looking through the magnifier at my 30
gauge fine silver with 2mm stone beadwork - a chin nudge gets it down
further if it needs it. Every nook and cranny is lovingly illuminated
for whatever I need to do. Then a quick shove and it’s back in place
to provide simple light. I’m still using the original bulb, too!
(Knock on wood)

It magnifies 30 gauge to look about 22 or 24 gauge, perfectly
illuminated. I’d say give it a try and you’ll be hooked!

Donna in Dallas

If the cost of the $70 flourescent magnifying lamp is one of the
decision factors, our old friend Harbor Freight has them for $39.99.
I don’t know if there’s a difference in quality, but I’ve had a
cheap one, bought from a Damark catalog for similar cost, for
several years with no problems.