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Madeleine Albright's brooches

Long time lurker coming out……

I’m surprised that there hasn’t been any discussion of Madeleine
Albright’s brooches. I saw her on Bill Maher’s Real Time (Episode
146) and she was wearing an absolutely stunning enameled and jeweled
bee. Anyone see it? Anyone know any more about it? Who made it?

Christine, in Littleton, Mass., almost a nurse

Hi ev’ryone, I am Stephen Tjon-Kon-Joe from The Netherlands. I’m a
gold smithing student. I love Ganoksin!!.. I can remember having
seen a book -belonging to one of my teachers- about the brooches
(and their social/political agenda…) of Mrs. Albright; maybe this
brooche mentioned could be one of them?!

Just a thought,
cheers, Stephen

The book is by Helen Drutt:
Brooching it Diplomatically: A Tribute to Madeleine K. Albright

Donna in VA

I'm surprised that there hasn't been any discussion of Madeleine
Albright's brooches. I saw her on Bill Maher's Real Time (Episode
146) and she was wearing an absolutely stunning enameled and
jeweled bee. Anyone see it? 

She has talked about her brooches in interviews. There may even be a
book out there about them, and her practice of sending a message by
which one she wore.


i don’t know about that particular brooch, but a few years ago a
book was written about her brooches. i think the title was brooching
it diplomatically. i tried to find the book in my city’s libraries,
then in book stores, but i have not been able to find it. i do buy a
lot of books, but i want to look at them before i buy them!

jean adkins

Christine if you plug in Helen Drutt Gallery exhibits, you will find
a show about brooches that were made for Madeleine Albright, by
specific artists, I believe it was about 6or 7 years now. you might
also be able to find out abouty the makers From Ms Drutt.

I do watch out For M Albright in the media since she is always
wearing a pin of some significant importance or another.

Hratch Babikian

Thanks, everyone, Orchid comes through!

I was aware of the Helen Drutt show, and would love to see the book,
but I was interested in the brooches Ms. Albright owns. She is
actually writing a book, due out in September. The title is “Read My
Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box.”

Christine, in Littleton, who loves brooches most of all

From my Washington Post yesterday: Madeleine Albright's famous
brooches are getting their own museum show. "Read My Pins" debuts
at New York's Museum of Arts and Design on September with 200
pieces from the former secretary of state's collection.
Highlights: the golden snake pin she got after Saddam Hussein's
cronies called her a "serpent," a bee brooch she wore whenever she
thought she was walking into a "sting," and the baloon pin she
selected if talks were likely to go well. The show might tour for
as long as two years--the perfect excuse for Albright to get more

There is no on which cities the exhibit will visit but
some of us may have the chance to see the collection.

Donna in VA


If you would like to see the interviews and the other articles with
more about the book, the exhibit and her collection,
there is an article on my blog about it. You can read it here: