Made these over past year

I started as a lapidary and a collector
before I knew it I had all these cabs and mineral specimans
as wella s faceted gems
So just seemed natural the next step was to put them n metal

Did you mean to post pictures? If so, please do so, as they did not come through…

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yes! we need pics! I don’t know how many times I have meant to send a pic in an email and completely forgot!

Hi Seth & Sumer
Thanks for the interest
but I need a little help
on posting pics
any help appriciated

Anthony - you can just drag them into the window and they will upload. Or click the button.

Thanks Seth
These are some from about a year ago
I’ve been doing more with silver now Don’t have those pics
I’ll add them later
But thank you for your help

The stone in stone inlay (or whatever it’s called) is really nice. I also like how the prongs on the bumblebee jasper piece echo the stone markings. Nice.

Hi Lisa
Its called intarsia the black with opal is black jade and backed with snowflake obsidian
the purple is charolite , calcedony and a limestone /marble
done with epoxy
thanks for looking

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I like what you’re doing. Do you drill and cut the stones? I like the
creative gem holding techniques with the little claws holding the stone.
Ive done similar things to suspend gems like that. Good job SD