Macro Pictures

A lightweight MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 was attached to the [Nikon
Coolpix 4500] camera, no special "set up" was done. The results were
awesome. Has anyone used this camera with this attachment ?

Yes, I have both. I’ve had so-so results. I shoot mainly loose
gemstones though I’ve used the set-up on jewelry as well. Problem:
to get the lens close enough for macro work, the lights reflect off
shiny surfaces. The result is a little circle of lights that reminds
me of a mini-UFO coming in for a landing on my precious piece. I’ve
thought of trying to make some sort of “doughnut” diffuser out of
plastic to soften the lighting but haven’t tried it yet. The SL-1 is
great for shots of non-reflective items. If anyone’s figured out how
to use it with mirror-surfaced faceted stones and jewelry I’m waiting
to hear about it.

Rick Martin