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Macro Photo outfit

Changed over to Digital Camera,would like to sell(make offer)or
trade the following.Prefer for trade a single piece of facet
rough,or specimen from your area of Tourmaline or Beryl of equal
value.With this setup you can photo the hairs on a Gnat!

Nikon N50 35mm Camera &Nikon 35-80mm lens $699.
“Tamron” 70-300mm telephoto lens $200.
Nikon 12"x6"x8" carrying case $100.
2 each Tiffen 1x,2x,4x lens $50each
10x macro lens $75.
Nikon PK 13 auto extension ring $200.
Sunpak auto 144D Flash attachment $175.
EZ PHOTO reader(photo scanner)w/software $200.
*have all manuals,small accesories,receites,and 2"how to"photo books for above

                              Mark Liccini

LICCINI 107C.Columbus Dr.#1A Jersey City,N.J.07302