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All right Mac-boys, those of us on the PC side of things happen to be a
bit thin-skinned about our supposed disadvantage. Assuming you all try
to make money on this jewelry thang, I assume you’ve found by now that
all the good business programs appear on the Win side a good 6 months
earlier. However, I’m sure that you Mac fans must have some advantage.
It must be easy to communicate between the six of you. All in fun, now
lets get back to the jewelry side of things.


Mike Rogers wrote:

lets get back to the jewelry side of things.

your a funny guy, I like your sense of humor


Now let’s be kind to our ‘Web footed friends!" Then agin, … have one in
the family… my daugher is one of those … graphic desiger people and
doesn’t believe there’s another PC around… And having seen some of her
’stuff’… Well, in that area they may be a little… better!!!

Still learning…


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