[Machine] find the purity of gold

Can anyone tell me the name / definition / title / make / manufacturer
of the machine that is used to find the purity of gold? I have
been told that there exists a machine that can tell the
percentage of gold and different metals in a given jewelry to
find the purity of that gold. Thanks in advance.



Anil: Other than sending it to a refiner, the best way I know of
is the old-fashioned method of scratch stones and acids.


Could you mean an electronic gold tester? That will tell you
"gold" or “not gold.” and through using an 18K “gel” or a 14K
"gel" you can determine the karat. But you still have to know a
little something about what you’re doing. Available possibly from
Rio grande and definately from GEM Instruments and like


There is computer x-ray fluorescence spectrometer been sold in
europe by h.seltsam & sohn gmbh(fax: 0 72 31/26532), and by
italian company FOV. It seens to be very good but they are pricy
(around US$ 30.000). The only problem is that the x-ray bean just
reads a very thin layer and would not be able to detect a hollow
or a “filled” jewel . There were an article in the Gold
Thecnology Magazine ( I’m not sure of the issue number), from
World Gold Council (http://www.gold.org) that tells the pros ans
cons of it.