[MA] Solo Exhibition


I will be showing my work in a solo exhibition 4-30 August 2015 at
Lauren Clark Fine Art, in Great Barrington, MA, USA. The Artist
Reception will be on 15 August 2015, from 4:00-7:00 P. M. DST.

My jewels concern themselves not simply with function, but also with
the narrative capacity of adornment. I am invested in a continuing
tradition of adornment extended to an environment protecting each
jewel. My work is inspired by the historical ‘enclosure’: the
vessel, the chest, the reliquary that contain carefully selected and
assembled precious elements and that reflect an intimate symbology.

Title of Piece: Dreamdance in Blue

Linda Kay-Moses


Just gorgeous. I’ve always loved an accompanying “display” for a
piece of jewelry!

Renee DeMartin


Great! I wish we could attend the reception, but we are leaving
Boston early on the 16th, and I see that Great Barrington is on the
west side of MA.

Dreamdance in Blue is spectacular, and am sure it would be even
better “in person.”

Sounds like you are having a BUSY summer!

See you soon, Nancy